Testimonials – ISM Clients Speak Out

The following comments are from ISM clients.


I have been on the ISM program for over 10 years. The program is tailored to each person. It is based on keeping your immune system strong.

I recommend this unique program to anyone whether it is to deal with a particular affliction or on a preventative basis. The ongoing monitoring is comprehensive and exact.

The staff at ISM are especially trained to address your own special needs.


Richard Patten Former MPP and Provincial Minister – 2016

I have been a client of ISM for many years.  I find that the combination of eating well, exercising and taking these personalized supplements has kept me healthier, stronger and able to maintain an incredible stamina.  I like the follow up review of the results and how it forces me to look at my daily health on a regular basis.  You don’t need to have an illness to go to ISM, you just need to want to take control of your health.

R. Reisman, Toronto, ON – 2016

When I met a colleague from the House of Commons in Ottawa, she gave credit to Bill O’Neill and ISM for her survival. I asked her for their number as I have always been interested in holistic medicine and alternative solutions.  

I was so impressed with Bill’s knowledge, commitment and dedication to his company and its clients. I enrolled my wife and me in his program immediately. For 11 years  since we have been with ISM, we have never been healthier!  We spend many hours in planes and airports as we travel the world which is a true test to the health of your immune system!  

The whole team at ISM is so helpful and involved in our well being for which we would like to say thank you and we appreciate all your efforts for our continued excellent health.  

Your sincerely,

Hon. John Reynolds P.C. and Yvonne Reynolds – 2016


Since I have been on the ISM Program I have never been better. My doctor had given me a diagnosis of diabetes two years ago. Since I have been on your program I have lost some weight and my blood has been normal for the last 18 months.

I take the protein powder and the vitamins daily. I travelled over 103, 000 miles by air last year, including trips to China, Russia, and Europe. I Turned 67 this year and I feel GREAT!

Hon. J. Reynolds, Toronto, Ontario – 2009


I would like to thank the ISM staff for their assistance in keeping me healthy and fit.

Since being on their program, my immune system wards off flus and colds. I feel so healthy knowing my blood is analysed by professionals. The protein powder and vitamins augments my health program so I will live longer and healthier!

Thank You!

Y. Reynolds, Toronto, Ontario – 2009


I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma eight years ago, and shortly afterwards I heard about ISM. I’ve been following their Aminomics program ever since, along with eating healthy organic foods, getting regular exercise, and managing my sleep and stress – and I’m happy to say that I have not needed chemo or any other medical treatment to date. I love dealing with the caring and knowledgeable people at ISM, and I’m very grateful for the difference they’ve made to my quality of life (and probably quantity of life too!).

C. Vincent 2016


I believe that with proper nutrition and lifestyle our body has an amazing ability to heal itself.  Having been a client of ISM for 12 years I am very pleased with the support received. I believe that the nutraceuticals, treatments and lifestyle counselling including diet and exercise counselling provided by ISM has provided me with the building blocks needed to repair my cells and help me maintain a balanced and overall healthy life.

Initially, having been diagnosed with angina, my activities were quite restricted.  Now, 12 years later with ISM’s help I have no pain or discomfort and live an active lifestyle.  Over the years too I have experienced minor injuries and other concerns which ISM addressed with counselling, enhanced therapeutics, acupuncture and physio- therapy.  All appear to have been effective.  Mostly infectious disorders such as colds, and a minor sleep disorder, and a knee injury etc appear to have been quickly relieved as, I believe, my immune system is now functioning well.

My activities now range from travel and golf to hobby farming, researching geopolitical events, and market investing (primarily gold related).  Unbelievably at 80 years of age my golf game has improved!  

It is self evident that the staff at ISM is highly qualified, experienced and dedicated and operate at the leading edge of health care on the planet.  With many years of documentation and research in the health care field they have assembled unrivalled intellectual property on amino acids and biochemical research into chronic disease. They clearly are leading the field.  Their clients come from all corners of the planet.  I have only praise for their unyielding advance in the health care field in the face of resistance from the established political bent.

I have recommended ISM to several of my friends and family.

Bill Hennessy – 2016


I was 1st diagnosed with prostate cancer in the spring of 2007. Of course like most men this was a big shock to me as I have felt I look after my health. Always eating properly and staying physically active. When I look at most guys my age ( now 69) they wear their life decisions pretty clearly with totally out of shape bodies, so for me as I said it was a total shock.

What to do? Well interesting what happens is one is set on a path that leads most men to some form of prostate surgery.

I was fortunate my urologist put me on a “watch & wait” program. In hindsight that gave me time to think & do some research on my own.

One thing I have learned from this prostate challenge is what one does should be their decision. I have met too many gentlemen who just gave up the responsibility of their own health and handed it over to the medical profession. That is not to say stop seeing your medical professionals but realize there is a lot you can do for yourself.

Long story short I found Bill & the ISM team thru’ a good friend and decided to work with them.

They quickly realized thru’ blood tests I was missing some very important amino acids that was compromising my immune system.

Today, thanks to Bill & ISM I am very healthy and it has been 9 years since my diagnosis of prostate cancer. 

To your health!

P.C. – 2016


This is a review of my life living with brain cancer and a testimonial to ISM Clinic and Lab, which I hope will incite people in need of building up their immune system enabling them to attack whatever sickness they have.

It all started in 2009 after noticing some tremors, balance issues and a few falls, my doctor sent me for an MRI. In a February 2010 meeting with my neurologist, he diagnosed me with brain cancer, “Pontine Giloma” which is seen only in children and unknown in adults. On March 15th, I had my first of 30 radiation treatments and no chemo. I was on dexamethasone to release the pressure and swelling in the brain, and also a steroid called “Decadron.”

 In mid March, I was introduced to ISM through someone who knew a child with a different type of brain cancer and was doing well on their program. After receiving this valuable information, I had a long conversation with Bill O’Neill, the pioneer, founder, and CEO of ISM.

On March 31st, I went to a LifeLabs for my first blood draw. On April 10th, I shaved my head, it was depressing. On April 15th, I started taking the amino acids. On May 12th, I started my personalized therapeutic program which would become an integral part of my daily life.

On May 18th, while in Quebec, I drove to Ottawa to meet Bill O’Neill, a very informed, intelligent, optimistic and positive man.

By August I had lost 15 pounds. On the therapeutic program, I encountered a few problems (constipation, diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite, low energy), but with some phone calls and emails to my case manager, who suggested some adjustments to alleviate the symptoms, it got way better. As well, no sugar, no carbs or limited amount, benefit of omega 3’s, high protein and good fats are essential.

In March 2012, I had a mini stroke (TIA), but with no apparent consequence.

At the end of 2012, Bill O’Neill said that with my good results, I could go on maintenance for one year and then stop because my immune system should be at a high level.

In June 2013, I had confirmation by my neurologist that I had the beginnings of Alzheimer’s disease and the cause might be the TIA.

After 5 years on the program including 2 years on maintenance, I should be able to stop the program. Every 6 months, I go for an MRI and the results are fantastic.

In January 2015, I still have no trace of cancer, no activity, it is at scar stage. I truly believe in ISM in conjunction with the radiation at the beginning really saved my life and I will be eternally grateful. I took the therapeutic faithfully, went for blood draws, followed by a good review of the results. Also, making some adjustments on the doses really served me well. I continue a good healthy lifestyle by walking one hour every day, no sugar, limiting starches and carbohydrates, a good dose of omega 3 supplement, high protein and good fats. Being positive myself and ISM’s positive healthcare approach helped tremendously.

I will continue speaking highly of the ISM program and continue to refer you to people in need as I did so many times in the past.

We will stay in touch and as you said, maybe a blood test down the road to see where I am at. I still go for an MRI every 6 months and I am hoping for the best.

Many thanks to you all and a special thank you to my Case Manager for your good service.

Yours Truly,

Patrick Martin – 2015



Letter regarding ISM and the value we have noticed for my brother Rick Wilson

My brother, Rick Wilson was introduced to ISM at the suggestion of a family member and the results we have noticed have been remarkable.

Before Rick started with ISM, one of his significant obstacles was his trouble focusing on anything and this resulted in a lack of interest and lot of frustration for him.

Since initiating the ISM program, his ability to concentrate has improved dramatically. There has been a visible increase in his self esteem which in turn allows him to participate in group interactions and expanded his interests. It is also quite apparent that his frustration level has declined considerably.

The ISM program has enabled Rick to enjoy his passions like photography which he is now able to share with his friends and family.

The program has given him more energy and a better outlook on his life and future.

It has made a noticeable difference for my brother.

Kim Sharkey – 2016


From Dee-Anne – Rick Wilson’s younger sister.

Dear ISM:

When my father (Roger) was initially diagnosed with prostate cancer he knew he would be investigating alternative medicines. He was introduced to ISM.

He had great success, he was feeling better and stronger but as his daughter looking at him from the outside, it was really only his word I could take.

My brother (Rick) grew up with learning disabilities. At the time of Rick’s youth there was no name or “label” for what had. He had the regular difficulties with reading, math and other school subjects. But what made his learning disabilities apparent to those meeting him for the first time, was Rick’s difficult expressing himself and stringing simple thoughts together. It would take him two or three attempts to get through a sentence, words or ideas just seem to get stuck. Growing up with Rick this to me was Rick’s normal. Then he went to ISM. 

I am not sure how long it was after he began working with ISM that I started to notice that Rick no longer appeared to be struggling to get through a sentence, there was more flow. Conversations took less time.

It was a marked difference in my brother. In disbelief, I was almost nervous to say anything. I wondered if it was almost like a bystander placebo…I knew he was taking something so I saw an improvement. I kept quiet for a long time but finally asked my partner and she agreed but, while she has been around a long time, I needed someone who knew Rick longer. I checked in with my sister. We all agreed, there was a marked change for the better. 

I finally broached the subject with Rick. I wanted to know, did he notice a change? He did. He felt he was finally getting the opportunity to express himself in a way he hadn’t before. Had Rick been aware all his life that he had more to say but just couldn’t make it come out fast enough to keep people engaged. This program has given my brother a great gift. In fact, it has given my whole family a great gift…Thank you.

Dee-Anne Wilson – 2016



RE: Rick Wilson and His ISM Experience:

From – Roger and Anne Wilson – Rick’s father and mother

During one of my Bi-Annual immune system reviews we told ISM of Rick’s learning disabilities. We described the difficulties he had as a child, youth and young adult.

We talked about the possibility of Rick becoming a part of the ISM Program.  He was accepted into the program and we met with him and stressed the importance of doing exactly as instructed regarding taking the pills and powder regularly and as instructed. We talked with him periodically to assure he remembered and took pleasure in reviewing with him his immune system results. As the results changed we knew he was keeping up regularly with the program.

Over the months we noticed amazing changes in Rick. He seemed able to put his ideas and sentences together. He seemed more relaxed and was able to look at you when he was speaking us. He said to us he could remember things, had more energy, was not as tired and in general felt a lot better then he could remember ever feeling in his life.

Anne and I noticed these changes and a couple of months or so ago our daughter Dee broached the subject with us asking if we had noticed any changes in Rick. We were elated with her observations and said that we shared her perceptions. We later raised this with our older daughter Kim and she had similar feelings. She felt there had been major changes in Rick’s behaviour, confidence and articulation.

We are all very grateful for what ISM has been able to do for Rick.

The interest, care and support provided to Rick by the staff have been very supportive for him and have encouraged him to make changes in his life style. We would all like to thank ISM for helping him find more meaning in his life.

Roger & Anne Wilson – 2016


Due to a rising PSA and 2 subsequent biopsies, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 12 years ago. After the biopsy, I was given the option of surgery to remove the prostate or radiation. Radioactive pellets placed in the area of the prostate was not an option because my prostate was significantly enlarged.

By chance, I met someone whose friend had been working with a company in Ottawa called ISM Immune System Management.

I immediately called and spoke to ISM and explained my medical findings. They felt they could be of assistance to me. From my recall, they explained that everyone has some cancer cells in their body and that the immune system fights it on a daily basis. ISM examined my white blood cells and created a protein formula to address any deficiencies.

The results are as follows:

Over a period of time my PSA readings went down and when I added Avodart 0.5mg my PSA readings are below 3.

My prostate is checked regularly by my Urologist plus I also take MRI pictures.

I don’t know  if my prostate cancer cells are eliminated or have just been stabilized.

Other amazing things have happened, including:

      I had a large bald spot on my head and much of the hair grew back in. I have more hair on my head than my son does.

      My skin has a softness to it that I didn’t have before

      I rarely get a cold where before, I would have 6 or 7 per year. I may now have 1 or 2 at the most.

      Overall, I feel better with more energy

      My finger and toe nails are stronger

Due to my improvements, my son, daughter, ex wife, current partner, etc, as well as many people I have recommended are improving their immune system through ISM

Bill Evanov – 2014


2016 update:

My name is Vasil William Evanov.  In early 2000 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  I was offered a choice of removing the prostate which is very evasive surgery, or radiation.  A family member mentioned that a friend of hers had treated her cancer problem with a company in Ottawa called “ISM Immune Systems Management”.  I phoned and spoke with Bill O’Neill, the president of the company.  He indicated that what they offered was not a magic bullet.  They would exam my white blood cells (the immune system) analysis any deficiencies and create a specific formula of therapeutics to help build the immune system.  My PSA reading at the time had been 7 or 8 or 9.  After a few months of being on the program my PSA readings dropped to 4.5 and for the past decade has been between 3 and 4.  After my PSA dropped to 4.5 my doctor added Avodart which helped reduce the PSA even further.

On another note, I have personally noticed many other developments in my physical being since taking the therapeutics from ISM.

  • My eye sight improved 20/20 after 20 years of wearing glasses I threw them away.
  • Previously I would catch a cold at least three or four times a year… now rarely…perhaps once very other year.
  • Even my hair regrew and covered 50% of what was my bald spot.
  • In 2013 I survived a major incident and I believe my top notch immune system helped me make it through the greatest challenge of my life.  In May 2013 I suffered a cardiac arrest.  The Survival rate of cardiac arrest is only 4 percent.  Officially the records of Toronto General Hospital record the following.  I was dead for 18 minutes.  I was put in an ice bed and then induced into a coma for a number of days.  My stay at the hospital was almost a month.  Today my health is in good shape, I am fit, alert and after two months of recuperating I resumed being CEO of my company which operates 18 radio stations.

Bill Evanov – 2016


I have been a client with ISM for over four years. My overall experience has been amazing. I was someone who exhausted allopathic avenues when seeking a diagnosis for my unknown condition. Over time I grew tired and unimpressed of the ineffectiveness of our health care system. Where I was told there was nothing wrong with me, that there was nothing they could do for me, and that I would likely be dealing with my issues for the rest of my life, ISM continued to work tirelessly to find answers and develop a therapeutic plan that would help strengthen my immune system and bring my body back from the brink.

Despite living several hours away and not having the luxury of face-to-face care, I have never felt more cared for as a person and patient. I could not thank the ISM team and the late and great Bill enough for their commitment to me. Their knowledge, empathy, and drive have been visible since day one. The time they have taken over countless emails and phone calls will be forever appreciated.

The road hasn’t always been a smooth one, but the stick-to-itveness of the whole team at ISM has brought me to a point in my recovery where I now have a sense of hope and excitement for the future. To be given the chance to now pursue my goals and dreams with my career is the greatest gift I could receive. I feel like I have been given a second chance in life.

I have and continue to share my story with people because I feel it is important to advance our health care options in Canada. Based on my now expanded scientific understanding of ISM’s treatment and my ever-growing understanding of the human body, I believe that personalized immune treatment is an extremely valuable complimentary care option for several health conditions.

Joe Coccagna Cambridge, Ontario – 2016


Mine is a balancing program – to address current deficiencies in my immune system. It is a proactive approach; to act before a health problem arises. I fully subscribe to the process of maintaining a strong immune system as the primary foundation for good health. My case worker has been excellent – fully consultative, well informed, thorough, and helpful.

Don McLauchlin Oakville, Ontario – 2016


In a routine medical checkup in September 1998, my regular doctor, Dr Shearman, director of the Bruyere Health Centre in Ottawa, prescribed a blood test to check on my PSA, which is a normal test for prostate cancer. I later met with him and he informed me that my PSA was above 9, which could mean the presence of cancer in my prostate. He made an appointment for me with Dr Futter, a urologist at the General Hospital in Ottawa for November 10. He checked my blood and also ran an ultrasound test, and concluded that I had a rather aggressive prostate cancer which could threaten my lymph glands and even my bladder, if not treated in the several weeks.

I was referred to ISM by friends.  I liked the compassionate, relaxed manner of ISM. Their alternative treatment consisted of lab analysis of the state of my immune system, from samples of urine and blood. This analysis is done in a lab in Ottawa. What raised my confidence in ISM was how they could from these charts of highs and lows suggest quite accurately what was my medical history on several counts.

When I met again with my oncologist in July he asked me whether I had changed my mind. There was a slight reduction in the size of the growth. Again in September he found greater reduction in the size of cancer growth, and asked me what I was taking. By then I had begun to feel a surge of new energy and worked and traveled. In December I again met my oncologist. I was quite confident that the cancer was gone because of my general feeling of wellbeing and my high level of energy over the past few months. He found that my PST blood count was normal as was my prostate! On the same day I saw my own doctor, Dr Shearman, and his assistant Dr Kelly. They were both in wonder. Incidentally, I had shared with Dr Shearman the lab analysis shortly after I had received it, which he studied carefully and calmly said, “You have made a good decision.”

The rationale for the ISM treatment is very simple. If one’s immune system is in top form the healthy cells will contain or destroy the wayward cancer cells. It is also evident that this treatment of building up one’s immune system is valid for many other sicknesses besides cancer!

B. Ryan, sj, Ottawa, Ontario – 2000


2012 update: 

P.S. Sequel:  12 years later, I continue the immune system treatment realizing fuller now that its primary goal is to build up my immune system rather than directly control cancer. My energies continue high and my health is generally good – with only stiffness in my knees, partly caused by old football injuries.

B. Ryan, sj, Ottawa, Ontario – 2012


2016 update:

I have been on an ISM program since 2000 – at which time I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on my prostate. Within 8 months, my cancer doctor, Dr. Marlene, confirmed that the tumour had disappeared. Several bone scans and a few MRI’s have confirmed that the cancer has not spread from my prostate. A recent test showed my PSA to be 1.1.

So I am very satisfied with my treatment and the service I have received from ISM.

Bill Ryan, sj, Toronto, Ontario – 2016


I am 75 year old male.  Five years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with 3+4 Gleason score from biopsy.  I was recommended to take radiation therapy both by my urologist and by one of leading cancer treatment hospitals.

Due to the possible side effects with can be quite bad and life changing, I was quite hesitant to accept this treatment.  At the same time I knew a friend who had started ISM program after he was previously given 3 months to live by his doctor because of lung cancer.  His positive attitude towards ISM was actually caused by a real life story of his daughter’s friend who had been cured from thyroid cancer by ISM.

Since the start of ISM program, my PSA values have been FLUCTUATING between 3.83 and 11.6.

A couple years ago I had to go regularly to the washroom several times during the night.  Nowadays I usually have a good uninterrupted sleep at least 6 hours.

My urologist seems to have accepted my no-radiation treatment decision and is currently joking that he may have to put me into hormone therapy at the age of 90.  If ISM program will give me another 15 years of life without any possible side effects caused by either radiation treatment or surgery, I will be extremely happy.  I would also like to point out that my general health has been very good.  I sincerely do not remember if or when I would have had fever during the last five years.

As long my PSA values only increase in small annual amounts, which basically occur with the age anyway, I feel that I have made a right decision in using ISM program.  Another benefit, which I noticed after joining the program, is the fact that my blood pressure, which used to fluctuate around 160 to 180, is now staying between 125 and 145.

I should also add that my wife and myself are really impressed by the warmth with which we have been treated by everybody we have met at ISM and by the thoroughness of advice which I have received during these five years.

Jorma Lehtovara – 2015


It has been 2 years and, I think, 7 months since I have been with the ISM program. We had a consultation and I had told them that I have Liver Cancer. I was to start Chemo treatments shortly.

They never guaranteed a cure but did say that they could help.   I had a blood test and a powder was given to me to Mix with Milk or Water every morning. They change to Powder to suit after every test.

At first I was driven to and picked up for the first 6 months. After my second C.T. Scan my Tumor had shrunk from 16.5 Centimeters to 8.5 Centimeters I now drive myself to and from the Chemo treatment. I have never had any after effects. Very rare indeed.

For close to two years and a C.T. Scan every three months I have been called Stable. Where there had been traces of cancer outside of my liver, they have disappeared and never spread.

Should I say that The ISM program has helped, the answer is emphatically Yes!

Would I recommend The program? Another YES!

I still go for my blood tests every Three to four months and I would tell the world what I’m saying now.

My name is (Aaron) known as Ernie Potechin – 2015


I have been on ISM for several years.  I feel incredibly well, have excess energy and in all aspects of my life I have improved the way I live. Two of my children, one with Alopecia and the other with severe acne were treated successfully in a short period of time when on the ISM protocol.

There is no such thing as a “cure” for what ails you, but the combination of living a healthier lifestyle and taking the ISM package will definitely give you a better chance.

Rose Reisman – 2014

Author and wellness spokesperson



In 2003 (50 years of age) a regular medical check-up surfaced cancer cells in my prostate.  The cells were not aggressive but the urologist recommended a complete removal of the prostate organ.  I questioned the logic of rushing to surgery, and went on a fact finding mission researching all I could about the disease and its treatment.  I came away with more questions than answers about the conventional medical treatment processes.

During this research period, I was given the names of Bill & Kathryn O’Neill who had founded a company called ISM Immune System Management in Ottawa.  I was immediately taken by their openness about cancer in their own family and the direction of research they were taking regarding immune system management.

I joined their program and have been under the watch of my ISM Case Manager for over ten years.  I have been dedicated to the program and my Case Manager has become my trusted point person on health issues beyond prostate cancer.

My follow-ups with periodic MRI’s of my prostate indicate that the organ is normal.  Whether or not my body harbours cancer cells, I believe that the ISM program has been and will continue to be the most effective manager of my health.

The ISM program has had other interesting sidelines to my health.  I have not had a cold of flu since I started the program over 10 years ago.  Hair loss and trying has glowed substantially.  Vibrant eye color has returned.

Thank you ISM for your caring and tremendous insight into what makes me healthy and happy.

K. Fraser – 2014


The ISM program was, and is, a major part of my healing program and reason why I have been successful in recovering from Stage IV Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL).  Before going on the ISM program, I was not recovering from the conventional treatments, with my NHL returning after treatment.

With the ISM program, I was able to gain remission from my NHL and build back my strength and health.  Today I remain on the ISM program as it provides me perfect health while ensuring my immune system is strong enough to keep my NHL from coming back.

Harry M. Littler – 2014


I have been under the care of ISM since January 2008, and I am very satisfied and appreciative of their services, advice and care.

I am especially pleased with the attention provided to me by my ISM Case Manager.  Full and thorough information is provided to me with each of my therapeutic phases, and all my questions and concerns are clearly responded to, each and every time.  Careful consideration is given to my symptoms and new therapeutics reflecting my needs, are immediately dispatched.

Over the years, new health issues have arisen and I have been very appreciative of ISM’s assistance, recommendations and alternatives for those therapies as well.

ISM’s program is well laid out, the newsletters are informative, and I am happy to remain under their care and program.

Erwin Greisinger – 2014


At ISM Clinic, you are the opposite of a number.  They always take the time that you need and have a genuine compassionate interest in improving your health.  They have given me full support, both on a physical and mental dimension.  I decided to enroll in the ISM program based on a recommendation of a friend of a friend who was successfully treated at the Clinic for breast cancer.  I myself was not a cancer patient, but had not felt well for about 10 years.  Since being fully committed to the ISM program for the last 6 months, I have felt notable physical improvements to my health.  My energy level has increased and I sleep much better, which has allowed my body to do the healing it could not do before.  I also feel less mentally anxious and stressed as my body is being given the proper customized fuels and nutrients to rebalance.  I would highly recommend ISM to anybody experiencing chronic health problems.

N.S. Ottawa, ON – 2014


Long a believer of more personalized and natural healthcare as complementary to more “traditional” approaches, I sought out the services of ISM Immune System Management to assist in my recovery from the lingering symptoms of a severe concussion.

My Case Manager was very patient with me as I posed numerous questions to her in relation to proteins, amino acids, and the bodies own ability to heal itself, when prompted to do so.

While my journey to full recovery is on-going, my course of custom therapeutics has significantly improved my health.  Prior to commencing treatment, I was suffering from headaches, dizziness, balance problems, and significant mental fatigue with overall lethargy.  I can now state that the majority of these issues have reduced significantly, or have been eliminated entirely.

Throughout my program, the ISM team have been very approachable and supportive.

Thank you.

A.J. Ottawa – 2014


My name is Conrad Coates and I’m writing this letter in support of Immune System Management (ISM).

I’ve been a client of ISM since 1996 almost a year after my diagnosis of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML).

After my initial diagnosis of CML it’s standard course of treatment was chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, which was recommended to be done within 3 to 5 years of my diagnosis. The manner in which my prognosis was presented to me was with an 8 page pamphlet, issued by the Canadian Cancer Society and a 15 minute consultation did not leave me feeling confident in the prescribed treatment. The transplant required that 6 Human Leukocytes Antigens  (HLA) must match between the donor and recipient; leading to a donor search that could take up to 2 years to find.  I personally knew 6 men who  passed away shortly after their bone marrow transplants. Today’s transplants require that 12 HLA’s must match between the donor and recipient.

I elected instead to be a client with ISM.

ISM’s approach and methodology have been nothing short of stellar always providing the latest scientific approach along with a very compassionate and caring system of delivery. I do not hesitate in recommending ISM to anyone who requires complementary and caring healthcare support.


Conrad Coates – 2012


I am writing to thank you for the wonderful treatment and amazing progress I have experienced at ISM.  Before ISM treatment I was often fatigued to the point that I could function at about 30 percent of my pre-accident level.  I was unable to exercise for more than 15 minutes (post exercise fatigue and muscle spasms could last for a few days).  My sleep was disturbed and I often felt depressed.  I had noticeable chemical and electromagnetic field sensitivities.  Now I am able to ride my bike for an hour or longer with no ill effects, and the sensitivities and fatigue are greatly reduced. 

After 15 years out of the work force since an accident and the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome, I returned to school last year and completed a B.Ed.  Now I am pursuing a Masters degree.   I still need extra time to accomplish my goals, and some accommodations, but life is a thousand times better thanks to ISM and the amazing changes to my health since I started treatment a year ago.

Thank you so much.  I am extremely grateful to have finally found a program and treatment that can actually see what is wrong, and have ways to track my recovery. 


D.S. Ottawa, Ontario – 2011




 The year 1999 will always be remembered by my family and me as a very challenging year.   During the winter and spring of 1999, I had several bouts of “flu” that I needed medical help with – antibiotics – and extra rest involving lost work time.  This was unusual, since, prior to this, I would catch a cold and feel a little sluggish for a few days but work right through it with no lost time.  At the age of 60, I attributed some of the lack of energy to the aging process.  Family and friends confirmed that I was not looking well!  I learned later, in the fall of 1999, that the reason for this weakened state was because I was fighting an aggressive prostate cancer. 

Following a check-up with the Family Doctor, in September of that year, we were both confident that I had recovered from the flu. He asked if I had any other concerns.  I mentioned that I had no energy and was having problems urinating. He proceeded to do a “finger check,” a “ DRE” of my prostate and found nothing of concern.  Aware of my general good health over the years, he was reluctant to prescribe a PSA test, but did so, as a precaution. To his surprise, the PSA came back on October 12, 1999, with a reading of 174. I did not know what that meant, but he was visibly concerned and said that the Lab had made a mistake with the placing of the decimal.  It should have read 1.74, or possibly 17.4, but not likely.  He called the Lab immediately for clarification.  They confirmed the result at 174.   He was shocked and proceeded to explain to me what that could mean.  Still thinking the lab had made an error, he immediately referred me to the Resident Urologist/Surgeon.

The Urologist/Surgeon, on the first of many visits, October 19, 1999, performed a “DRE” and found an enlarged prostate but no lumps.  He confirmed the original PSA test with the Lab at 174 and scheduled a biopsy and a Bone Scan.  In the next two weeks, the Urologist/Surgeon confirmed the biopsy of the prostate showed considerable cancer but the Bone Scan revealed no spread in the bones. A follow up PSA came back at 101, again, a way off the acceptable range, which I learned later was from 0–10.  Given all this information, he confirmed that I had an aggressive Stage 3 Prostate Cancer with a Gleason of 7-8. With these numbers he stated that an operation to remove the prostate was not feasible, because of the likely spread of the cancer outside the gland.  He recommended that “I get my house in order”.  He then referred me to an Oncologist at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Clinic. 

On the first visit, November 25, 1999, at the ORCC, the Oncologist confirmed that the prognosis to date was very serious. At my request, for a forthright evaluation of my situation, and with my wife present, he informed me that without treatment I had two years to live, at best three to four with aggressive treatment. Of course, taken by surprise at my sudden turn from good health and shocked at the cancer death sentence, and not aware of any alternatives, I figured I had nothing to lose and was ready to cooperate fully with anything mainstream, conventional medicine could do for me.  I encouraged the Doctors to be as aggressive as they needed to be and assured them I was open to operations, such as, the removal of the prostate gland and my testicles to reduce hormone levels, conventional hormone cancer treatment, heavy doses of radiation and chemo, all in the hope that there was a chance to gain more time.  I was confident that these Doctors had my best interests at heart, since they fast tracked me through this initial process within a few weeks.  For this I was grateful. 

In the meantime, I shared the seriousness of my new health challenge with my family, extended family, friends and co-workers. Word got around quickly and I was surprised and comforted by the amount of concern, support and information they all shared.  Some male coworkers shared their diagnosis of conventional treatment experiences with prostate cancer. Others recommended reading material and references. Some discussed alternative and natural treatments they and family members, or friends had tried.  An extended family member mentioned that ISM Immune System Management from Ottawa, offered a creditable natural approach and made a referral on my behalf.  I quickly realized that I knew very little about any of this cancer stuff. In fact, I didn’t even know about the function of the prostate gland.  Now, faced with not only a terminal illness, but several ways of treating cancer, I asked the Oncologist at the ORCC for some clarification on treatment options.  He could not offer any information other than the conventional treatments we had already discussed.  In fact, he was quick to remind me that I did not have time to research any other options.  However, I found the courage and informed him that I would take a few weeks to explore some of these alternative treatments, since people in whom I had confidence and respect had recommended them.

After about six weeks (December 99 & Mid-Jan 2000) of intensive research with an open, skeptical mind and challenging approach (my life was on the line here), I became aware that neither conventional medicine nor natural medicine had all the answers, much less a guaranteed cure for cancer.  As a follow up, I had several very challenging exploratory meetings with ISM during which they showed extraordinary patience, concern and support. There was never any pressure and the team made sure all my questions were answered and concerns were met.   I decided that the ISM approach was the best option for my cancer at this time. It was natural, non-invasive, holistic, very patient specific, evaluated the total biology, physiology and psychological aspects of the patient with thorough monitoring and follow up support. It used the highest quality natural products available on the market today. It was very clear in my mind that what ISM offered was not a cure, but an innovative and medically valid approach which could lead to a significant improvement in my overall health and would permit my “Immune System” to manage the cancer in my body while experiencing a reasonable quality of life.  

This was not an easy decision, but given the few years I was told I had left and the serious side effects of the aggressive conventional treatments I needed, I chose the option which offered “cancer management” with a reasonable quality of life. This decision was further complicated by the fact that following more testing at ISM, the Doctors confirmed that my prognosis given by the conventional Doctors was indeed advanced and high risk.  A further challenge to my decision was the fact that my immediate family was not convinced that the ISM program was better than the conventional treatment offered at the ORCC.  As well, the ISM program was costly; OHIP and my Group Work Insurance did not provide for the financial coverage.  Despite these obstacles, I was satisfied with my research, my mind was made up and I was now anxious to get on with the ISM program. 

About mid-January 2000, I informed the Oncologist at ORCC, the Family Doctor and the Urologist/Surgeon of my decision.  They all cautioned me that I was taking a great risk with my health and life and compromising any chance I had for recovery.  I appreciated their care and concern and asked for follow up treatment, if needed. They agreed and that too was comforting.  

As a long term, successful cancer client with ISM Immune System Management from 2000, at age 60 to 2012 at age 72, I can now say with exemplary confidence that this natural approach worked very well for me.  In fact, a whole host of people, who know me well, including my family, friends and coworkers, are now advocates of ISM Immune System Management’s therapeutic approach. 

In conclusion, I continue to share my cancer success story with people near and far.  After twelve years, I enjoy good health, positive interaction with my family, friends and communities at large. What a blessing!  Thanks to all the team at ISM for sticking with your clients. 

Vincent Gervais Westmeath, Ontario – 2012


In February 2008, after a bout with norovirus on a holiday in Hawaii, Carol went to her doctor with an enlarged lymph node that subsequently appeared in her groin. She was 52 years old, fit, and had previously enjoyed very good health, apart from the occasional broken bone from sports activities.

Chest X-rays were clear, but blood work raised the possibility of lymphoma, which was later confirmed by a biopsy. Lab testing and a bone marrow biopsy determined that it was indolent follicular non-Hodgkins lymphoma, grade 2, stage 3A.

 Because follicular lymphoma is considered non-curable, and because it was progressing slowly, Carol’s oncologist did not recommend immediate treatment, but rather ‘watchful waiting’. The chemotherapy used to treat fnHl has serious side effects on the heart, and is normally used only when the severity of symptoms demands it. No alternative health care treatments or lifestyle changes were recommended. Regardless, Carol commenced several natural strategies, including a healthier diet, increased vitamin D, and bio-identical hormones to improve her sleep.

Over the next two years, enlarged nodes appeared under Carol’s right arm and on the right side of her collarbone. CT scans revealed more enlarged nodes in her abdomen, and her spleen became enlarged.

Carol’s sister heard about ISM in the media, and passed the information on to her. Carol visited ISM and began ongoing treatment with ISM’s customized amino acid therapeutics.  As of March 2013, almost five years to the month after diagnosis, she had no visible nodes on her body, none apparent in a CT scan, and her blood work was completely within normal ranges.

In the first half of 2013, Carol was off her therapeutics for much of that period. In June, several enlarged nodes appeared under the right side of her jaw. She resumed treatment in July, along with daily doses of bitter melon juice. The nodes are rapidly disappearing again.

C. Vincent – 2013



I have benefitted tremendously from ISM’s Therapeutics and overall program.  It provided me with considerable health stability at a crucial time in my life when I struggled with extreme sleep deprivation and stress.  The program helped me to regain my focus and increase my energy.  It has been very sustaining. 

The staff are very friendly, thoughtful and helpful. They are proactive and forthcoming with communication; and they are attentive not only to health concerns but also to life life circumstances. 

Christine Gervais – 2011


I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2007 after several years of monitoring my prostate during my annual medical.  My PSA started at 2 in 2004 and progressed to 4 and 8 over the next two years.  I had a prostate biopsy in 2007 which confirmed cancer.  I happened to mention this to a friend who told me what he did when he was diagnosed with cancer.  He told me about ISM and suggested I might want to see ISM regarding a possible complementary therapy. 

After explaining the therapy they suggested I give blood for analysis and then we would discuss the state of my Immune System.  We did that in Dec 2007 when we were home from Florida for Christmas.  My wife and I live full time in an Airstream Trailers and travel in North America most of the year.  I have no trouble getting my blood drawn and sent to ISM when I am on the road and then having my vitamins and powder delivered to me by courier.

I was very faithful in taking the powder and vitamins and exercising daily for the first 2 years.  I lost weight and held to low fat, low calorie, low carbohydrate food, and my prostate analysis improved each time it was tested.   In the summer of 2010 I felt I was in good enough shape both physically and regarding my immune system to take a few liberties.

I dropped daily exercise and convinced myself that I could do a little walking when shopping and stay fit.  We began eating a little bread and some cookies and did ok with my review in November 2010.  However, in April 2011 my ISM Case Manager looked at my results and asked me a few questions.

From the results she could tell the following:

1.         I had stopped exercising.

2.         I was eating carbohydrates.

3.         I was having disturbed sleep

4.         In the night I was worrying about something which I could not do anything about.

5.         I was eating too much sugar and not enough protein (more red meat).

I was amazed that my immune system results would let her make the first three observations and  I resolved to go back on exercise, and be more careful with what I was eating.  I am in the third week of better behaviour and am already noticing changes in my energy and strength.

The moral of the story?   Don’t try to fool ISM and stick with the plan.

Roger Wilson – 2011         


I have been a participant in the ISM program for over 2 years.

My health concerns have centered on Prostate Hypertrophy (with increased PSA), and Depression.  I have found that the progressive testing, supplementation and follow-up counseling have helped me to identify and understand the source of my health problems.

 As well, the ISM treatment protocol has given me a viable alternative to treatment.  My health problems have required a team of professionals and I consider ISM as the leader of my team.  Their information has given me perspective such that I could confidently navigate our current system of mainstream medicine.

The ISM team have been supportive and extremely helpful in guiding and encouraging me.  I believe that my involvement with ISM has kept me from serious chronic disease which would otherwise have been a burden to my family and the health care system.

My journey to wellness is not yet complete, but I know that my body is equipped to heal and have confidence that I will be well soon.  In fact I am optimistic that I will end up healthier than before and am looking forward to living fully those golden years. 


John Sickling – 2011



My Son, Jeremy, who is 10 years old, became very ill in 2007. It began with a respiratory virus which led to continual asthma – like symptoms. He then became weaker and paler as time passed. He was constantly tired, weak, dizzy, and nauseous, and was suffering from headaches. He had constant pain throughout his body. He was using a nebulizer daily. We had some tests done that revealed lyme disease as well as several viral and bacterial infections. His immune system was so overloaded, he could not fight off anything. We had to withdraw him from school because he was almost passing out at school and unable to focus.

After ISM tested his blood, they told us that his immune system was essentially shut off. After just about 2 weeks on their nutraceuticals and amino acid compound, Jeremy started getting his energy back. He continued to improve and his symptoms began to disappear. Every two months they tested his blood and he was getting better. He has no more symptoms that he had before. He rarely uses an inhaler. He is full of energy. He is really a totally different kid. He used to seem to always have a cold or sinus drainage. Now he rarely [has] a cold or illness of any kind. I know his immune system is working well.

 When we first talked to ISM, we were so worried and afraid of what might be happening to our child. Each time we had Jeremy’s blood tested and then discussed the results with the ISM team, we were relieved and encouraged about Jeremy’s future health. We are so grateful to ISM for helping Jeremy. We are also thankful that they always did exactly what they said they would. They always call right on time. The products always arrive when they say they will. We have complete confidence in ISM to handle Jeremy’s health and to do what they say they will do. We highly recommend ISM to anyone who is suffering from chronic or serious health problems. They know what they are doing and will help you.

Thank you ISM!!!

S. Francis on behalf of J. Francis, Midlothian, Virginia – 2009


I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002. It caused me some panic, as two brothers were receiving radiation for prostate cancer, and in the 1970’s my father had a prostatectomy. I learned about ISM’s approach from a friend, who showed me the blood analyses and spoke highly of the program. I visited ISM and decided to go on the program

The diagnosis I had with prostate cancer led to a one-system-serves all approach of tracking my PSA which went from 5 to 29 in five years, at which point I was offered a Technetium 99M cocktail and further biopsies with my options narrowing inexorably to radiation or the knife. The beauty of the ISM program is that it treats the person holistically.  If the immune system recovers its native strengths, it not only deals with illness, it optimizes functioning system-wide. ISM’s therapeutics have given me an energy and clarity that are both new and familiar. They have lifted me out of the one-way dark corridor of conventional medicine and opened me out to a much wider way of looking after myself and my health.  My positive energy over the long term tells me what I want to hear: it is working.

Meanwhile, one year ago, my brother #3 was diagnosed with prostate cancer. So all four of us boys and our father have the cancer. He was rushed into a prostatectomy, being told and shown (with MRI) that his cancer was the aggressive kind. So I find myself quite alone, family-wise, in choosing the orthomolecular path. My PSA continues to climb (it’s at 49 currently), but all other indicators of blood amino acid counts – MRI and Interstitial Electro Scan Technology, combined with my overall state of well-being, convince me to stick with the program ISM offers rather than go down that barbed-wire rabbit hole offered by the medical industry.

R. Del Tredici, Beaconsfield, Quebec – 2009



I was referred to ISM Immune System Management by three people in my first week of diagnosis and will be forever grateful.  They were fabulous.  Their team gave me hope and helped with the overwhelming fear that swept over me when I was diagnosed.  Cancer became something I had and could deal with as opposed to a possible death sentence my doctors seemed to keep threatening me with.  I felt that I had choices and could take control over my own health and my own treatment plan.  I could work with my doctors and the team I had put into place to help me get through this challenge.

The ISM team were a tremendous support that I called upon whenever I was confused or terrified by what I was being told by my doctors.  They helped me to understand my options without pressure.  They gave me facts that I could make decisions with.  They gave me the best and the worst case scenarios so I could make an informed choice without having fear make my choices for me.

It will be two years that I have been cancer free on February 16th, 2009.  That is in two days from now.  The ISM team are still supporting me today.  ISM has changed my life for the better and I will be forever indebted to this group of people.

I was given loving and understanding service during the most difficult time in my life.  ISM is a support team that works together to provide you with what you need during this difficult time and beyond.  They provide incredible, state of the art, immune system treatment and are a resource of information and support.  I am glad I have them on my team.

Stacey Bolton, Constance Bay, Ontario – 2009



I was diagnosed in 2003 with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Indolent Small B Cell, which is treatable but so far not curable.

I started then with ISM and now 6 years later, I am showing no signs of the disease, having had several CT scans to prove it. I owe much of this to the assistance I’ve received from ISM– many, many thanks.

B.G. – 2009


Since enrolling in the ISM program, I have experienced a great improvement in my overall wellness. I am now able to get a good night’s sleep and wake up well rested. Some joints, especially my knees were preventing me from activities, have disappeared and I am now able to function normally. My memory has improved and I am surprised at my ability to remember events which took place several years ago; I am now more mentally alert. Bowel movements have become more regular. The low carb diet is helping me to lose weight. I have discontinued all prescription drugs except that for gout which I hope to discontinue in the near future. I found that the ISM team took a serious interest in my health and provided me with the necessary medication to help me which impressed me. This attitude was not present in my dealings with the medical professionals. Both contacts took time to explain the workings of the immune system and gave reasons for the medications prescribed.

Over the years, I have always attempted to minimize the use of prescription drugs due to their harmful side effects. So the use of natural medicines appealed to me and this experience has resulted in my enrolling my wife, Charlotte, and daughter Sheila into the ISM program. I have become more energetic and recovered my initiative to get things done which I was sadly lacking prior to undertaking the ISM program. At times, I feel like getting back into the workforce thanks to the ISM program.

I like the positive analysis of blood samples which eliminates the guesswork of trial and error remedies.

L. Debly – 2008


I wanted to thank the ISM team for the warm welcome and AMAZING appointment that my Dad had on Thursday! It’s the first time in many, many years that I’ve seen my Dad feel hopeful about his health and well being. It seems to me that the ISM team is very special and does really important and amazing healing work. Thank you for your generosity of time and spirit!
– LT


There are only 3 options in conventional medicine for treating cancer patients; surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Surgery failed and radiation was not applicable for my type of cancer. They told me that my cancer was very fast growing. Text books gave me 6 months to live. Through an interesting twist via my family doctor, I discovered a biotech company, ISM that was doing innovative work with cancer patients. Unlike conventional medicine where disease tends to be managed by diagnosing and treating the symptoms, this company focuses on the individual re-balancing the body’s chemistry to address the disease. I continued many conventional treatments and the ISM program. In early February 2010, I had another CT scan where it was suspected that the last 3 months of no chemo, combined with a very aggressive cancer, I would be riddled with tumors. To the surprise of my Oncologist, there were no new tumors and the existing ones are stable. Further, all my blood levels are normal, which would explain why I’m feeling fully energized. I am continuing my regime and am of the opinion that as a direct result of the ISM program, I am still alive and feeling well, now over 2 years after my initial diagnosis.
– BM


My dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in November 2009, and started immediately on ISM protocol. My dad also made the decision to undergo a twice-weekly chemo regimen, as well as regular Pamedronate IV and, shortly, radiation 5 days per week. All that being said, he’s been taking his ISM supplements RELIGIOUSLY.

A week ago, he went to his Oncologist, who was completely shocked at his good health and better-than-ever red blood count…she couldn’t explain how he was so healthy!

Last night they returned from a week long holiday in Cuba, and my dad is walking alone, completely unassisted by his walker or cane, and feeling (and looking) better than ever….
– AW, Ottawa Jan 2010


I was diagnosed in 2003 with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Indolent Small B Cell, which is treatable but so far not curable. I started then with ISM and now 6 years later, I am showing no signs of the disease, having had several CT scans to prove it. I owe much of this to the assistance I’ve received from ISM, many, many thanks.
– BG, Ottawa Nov 2009


The services of ISM have helped me to stay positive and maintain hope despite the fact that I have advanced breast cancer. I believe that the immune system is the primary defense against cancer and that ISM has helped boost and support my immune system. I also believe that I have been able to keep my cancer stable for longer periods of time than if I had not been taking the ISM supplements, which is leading to longer survival. All of the staff at ISM are professional and kind-hearted. I am always treated with respect. They have the ability to find positive actions to take that complement the standard medical regime that I am following. There have been several times that I have come into a meeting with ISM feeling hopeless and I have left feeling inspired to take positive actions to improved health and longer survival. This positive frame of mind has allowed me to have better quality of life. I believe the ISM supplements are contributing to a more positive ‘cancer experience’ and I am staying healthier for longer.
– LS, Nov 2009


In a medical world that is ever restricted by its self-imposed blinders, I am grateful for a company such as ISM that looks “outside the conventional box”. My personal experience with ISM is one of true insight into the world of prostate cancer and an approach that is so far beyond that which I have learned is available from urologists or oncologists. To many in the medical profession, ISM’s approach is considered “alternative”. To those of us who actually have diseases such as cancer and are disenchanted with the offerings of conventional urology or oncology, ISM is not an “alternative” it is one of the few real and effective options.

Explore and discover. The body is a magnificent organism that must be addressed in its totality. ISM does that and understands that removing the tumor does not remove the problems that caused the tumor.
– P.S. Ottawa, Nov 2008


I started the ISM program in July of 2007 after my biopsy results indicated breast cancer. A follow-up MRI confirmed cancer and a lumpectomy was scheduled for Sept. 14, 2007 with a recommendation for 5 weeks of radiation treatments after surgery. After just six weeks, it was clear to me that the ISM program was working because my energy level was improving. I also followed Bill O’Neill’s recommendation to lose weight which also made a huge difference to my overall health. On the Monday before surgery I decided to have a new MRI taken to see for myself if there was any change. The biopsy area was CLEAR but there was a question surrounding cells appearing in a new area. However, it was encouraging enough to defer surgery.

It took 5 months to get a second opinion MRI but the results came in on the 5th of February, 2008 and there is no evidence of cancer only tiny areas that could or could not be consistent with DCIS. My surgeon is still wanting to go in there and excise the area but I remind myself that if you go see a man with a hammer, he will go looking for a nail. I am healthier now than I’ve been in years. I told him I would eradicate the last dot left before the next MRI.

While mainstream medicine believes that surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and drug interventions are the only solutions, I felt they would send me down a path of prolonged illness. I also believed that my body had been strong and healthy for over 50 years and it was important for me to understand why it was suddenly becoming ill.

It takes a team to combat cancer and I lucked into the best. ISM patiently reviewed the MRI results with me, explained what they meant, reviewed my blood results and wisely advised, “Keep all your cards on the table.” They advised me to assess and re-assess until I was comfortable making the right decisions for me. While the medical community, no doubt, are dedicated to healing, their approach is too narrow. It totally overlooks the very powerful mind body connection.

I have a vested interest in seeing my own blood test results and understanding what they mean. I don’t want to rely on a doctor’s 3 minute summary of my MRI or Biopsy results. I want him/her to review the scans with me. I want to understand and see what cancer looks like. Neither my GP or surgeon(s) were interested in discussing nutrition and how it could improve my condition. No books were recommended, no discussion beyond a 5-15 minute cancer is cancer, you need surgery.

I now understand clearly the role I played in getting and getting rid of cancer.
– S.B., Ottawa, Ontario, March 2008


When I first visited ISM, I was stressed out from the tumor in my submandibular gland and the pressure from the family doc to have surgery as the only option. All your staff made me feel as if I were special….that I mattered as a human being and they quickly gave me comfort. They carefully explained, in easy to understand terms, how they work and the mission. Following my blood tests they further explained my health and the game plan to treat me. The people at ISM are quality people, good communicators and leaders in healthcare. I was tested on a regular basis and retuned to meet the result. At ISM’s request, I continued getting ultrasound tests ordered by my family doctor. I have tests indicating that the tumor was not growing and during this treatment period my overall health improved. I felt better.

I began my ISM program in June 2004 and as mentioned continue to have regular ultrasound reports and testing done to examine the tumor. On April 23 of this year the family doctors reported to me that the latest ultrasound report indicated that the tumor is gone. Repeat….the tumor had now vanished! This good news is clearly the result of the state-of-the-art, world-class healthcare that I have received from the professional leaders at ISM-Immune System Management.
– J.P. Ottawa, Ontario, Oct 2007


The help I have received from ISM has lowered my PSA from 14 to 4.3 as of today (Oct 29, 2007). Also it has helped my knee pain, lowered my blood pressure, made my cholesterol normal and helped my sugar problem.

For years I have had a constipation problem which is now excellent and very regular. My overall condition has improved…. on a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to say 9. I am happy with my results.

My prostate cancer doctor wanted to start me on hormone injection last fall before we went south. In October 06 my PSA was 14.7. I said I’d wait till spring………it was 4.7. My doctor told me whatever I am doing, just keep it up and “see you in six months”. Now, it (‘PSA’) is about the same.
– T.Q. Medicine Hat, Alberta Oct 30, 2007


On February 2, 2006 I submitted my blood plasma to ISM for the first time. In February 2004, I had my left breast and 31 positive lymph nodes removed from my left arm. I had 2 rounds of chemo for 6 months and radiation for 8 weeks. My diagnosis was stage-III breast cancer. I became very sick and weak from all the chemo. By November 5, 2005 cancer was found in my neck. My oncologist once again ordered chemo. This time the diagnosis was stage-IV metastic breast cancer. My family and I decided that I was not strong enough for more chemo. It was at that point when a good friend put me in touch with ISM in Ottawa Canada.

Upon submission and review of my first amino acid profiling, ISM staff reported that with over 35 clearly marked amino acid identifiers, my immune system was “ lower than the lowest”. Based on my test results, I soon received my ISM compound which had been formulated to specifically address the needs of my individual immunological deficiencies. I was also provided with several highly effective supplements to assist re-building a very depleted and exhausted immune system.

In the first full year following my entrance into the program, my immune system improved by 600% as evidenced by the routine testing of my blood plasma. ISM was also able to identify that my body is carbohydrate sugar intolerant. They provided me with a wealth of info as how to change my diet so that I now eat minimal carbs and sugar each day. I have also lost 23 pounds since Feb 07. I also feel very energetic and healthy. There are no signs of cancer on the routine CAT and PET, Ultrasounds and Mammograms. Thank you everyone at ISM.
– K.N. Wausau, Wisconsin Oct 28, 2007


I kept having colds and flus that would last for months. After 2 years of monitoring me with blood work, my doctor sent me to a hematologist for a bone marrow test. That doctor said I had the beginning of multiple myeloma-bone marrow cancer. When I asked what I could do to cure it. He said there is no cure and that he would put me on chemotherapy when it became worse.

I could feel myself going downhill- tired frequent bouts of flu and aching bones, arthritis. I learned of ISM through my boss on Parliament Hill. I called, went and started on the ISM program. I felt better right away, there are no more flus and cold and if I do get something I am able to throw it off. Aching bones and arthritis are gone as is the fatigue. I learned that I need to “chill-out” in order to maximize this program but I have never felt better in my life. Additionally I was born with a sleep disorder and with extra ISM support I am now able to sleep.

I have referred many people with cancer to ISM and everyone who has followed this program is alive, doing well and cancer free. Others who refused to go on are dead. I thank god for ISM and their staff. I am sure I would be dead today if it wasn’t for them.

p.s. I must add that the staff have been amazingly kind and helpful to me and all the people that I have sent to them.

– D.S. Ottawa, Ontario 



I wish to thank you for all your help to ‘P.’ in giving him an extension on his life. His doctors originally only gave him 3-4 months and that was 2.5 years ago!

Of eleven of us in my support group with the same cancer, I was the only one on the ISM program. Seven years later, I am the only one alive. And now, my wife and I are now going to have a baby ….. I never before could have dreamed of this day.


ISM has been a great help to me over the past six years. I first came to ISM when I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in 2001. During my first visit, I spoke to the CEO and was impressed by his vast scientific and medical knowledge and also by the fact that he took more than an hour out of his busy schedule to listen to me and to talk to me about my particular case. At first, he was my case-worker and he always managed to reassure me and make me feel more hopeful about my situation. Then, I was assigned a new case-worker and she continued to be a guiding light for me, offering her expertise as well as her support and compassion when I was going through some difficult times. She always took the time needed to explain all the scientific data in terms I could understand.

Last year, I was appalled when I saw a media program putting down the work ‘of these people’ and twisting the facts. I knew nothing could be further from the truth because I had personally experienced the opposite. The truth for me is a CEO and staff that are dedicated and generous.

ISM’s complementary healthcare approach has helped me bridge the gap between the alternative and conventional medical treatments since I have chosen to do both in order to maximize my chances of healing the CML. It has been my experience that the medical doctors and specialists I have seen since my CML diagnosis, have not had more than a few minutes to talk about my illness and the treatments available. At ISM, it is very satisfying to know that my case-worker will take the time needed to explain what the illness is and to help me see both the natural and conventional treatment options that are available to me.

Since I have used many tools on my path to healing, it has often been difficult to tell what was working well for me and what was not. However, I do believe that ISM’s program has helped keep my condition stable, maintain a higher level of energy and lift some of the depression I had felt for many years.

Illness is a great teacher and I have learned a lot since I was first diagnosed with CML. In many ways, I feel better today than I did six years ago although I still struggle with many challenges. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole staff of ISM including the doctors, support staff, and the receptionists for taking part in my healing process. I am glad they are here to help me and others facing health issues!
– P.B. Oct 2007


I have been a client of the ISM Lab and Clinic for over 5 years now. I am a breast cancer survivor and consider you as an essential member of my health care team. You promote total ‘medical integration’ and encouraged me to share my results with my oncologist. You are a trusted source of medical advice as well as kind and gentle emotional support. 

Through regular blood analysis and discussions I know what is happening in my body. When I first met with you, I was a frightened Cancer survivor living in blocks of time – check-up to check-up and constantly worrying about a re-occurrence. Now I make pro-active decisions and in control.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the staff, all of whom are professional and outgoing and helpful. They always have time for my questions and concerns. Since starting the ISM Program I feel healthier, stronger and happier.
– K.C. Toronto, Ontario Oct 6, 2007


In 2001, at age 68, I had a PSA count of 15.57. Following six biopsies I was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate with a Gleason of 3-4. After visiting three different specialists for my cancer I was told that it was too late for either surgery or something called Bracis implants. I was told that intense radiation would be required. Prognosis was approximately 5 years, with or without the treatment, in my particular case. In my estimation, the side effects of this amount of radiation seemed to be worse then the comfort it would provide. I refused the treatment.

My wife and I then started into the journey of natural medicine and around spring of 2002 we started as a client of the ‘ISM Lab and Clinic’. Our experience with them was very personal reassuring and pain free and at all times we were treated with warmth, encouragement and consideration. It was a wonderful learning experience and a very healthy one, as I am cancer free at age 74. I have been since the second year with ISM.

Our grateful thanks to all the staff at ISM.
– R.G. Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario Oct 25, 2007


My 3 year old son J. was diagnosed with leukemia in April, 2005. We were soon referred to ISM Clinic & Lab.

We have been blessed in so many ways by ISM’s services. Your knowledge and clear explanations of the “inside picture” of our sons body really helped us to understand what was happening. We have learned so much from our phone sessions. Your services have been invaluable.
– U.S.A. Sept 28, 2007


I was diagnosed in 2003 with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and started my ISM program very soon thereafter. In 2007 my physician determined that at this time I am in remission and could be in remission for an indeterminate period of time-perhaps forever.

The people at ISM have been a wonderful source of education for me. They’ve been helpful, understanding and encouraging. I salute your knowledge, explanations and sense of humor. Many thanks to all for your support.
– 2007

I am confident that the ISM program was a key factor in the fact that I am here today. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

Within 6 weeks, no one could deny the change in me. I was getting the spring back in my step and my energy was back to pre-cancer levels. For the first time in three years, I started to have some flesh on my bones.


Five years ago, I had a positive test for prostate cancer following a PSA score of 14, during a regular medical check- up. I was on track to have the prostate gland removed when I was introduced to ISM through an associate. The fact that there were other paths to treat cancer other than conventional surgery, radiation and chemo procedures captured my interest.

I have worked with ISM for close to five years with biannual blood work maintaining my immune system balance. I have also completed two MRI scans that confirmed my prostate now functions normally and there are no more irregularities in the prostate or surrounding tissues vessels or lymph nodes.

The increases in incidents of cancer in north America is alarming and yet conventional medicine continues to focus efforts on symptoms rather than a cure. The ISM group is, in my opinion, on the right path to help cure those with cancer, or at the very best improve the quality of life for those suffering from late stages of the disease.
– K.F. Alberta, Feb 2008


I am on ISM Program since the end of year 2003 when I started to display a myeloma. Knowing I would need chemotherapy treatments I thought the ISM Program would help my body to endure them and recover better. I think it has really helped me. The best example is when I went through a bone marrow transplant, during which I continued taking the ISM Program. I had almost none of the classic infection- particularly mouth sores which ‘discourages’ you to eat and therefore weakens you more. I endured the 3, 5 weeks quite well and was able to recover my blood cells extremely quickly. The ISM Program …..can definitely help your body to fight ‘cancer’ by reinforcing your immune system.
– M.G. France, Dec 27, 2007



Hugs and kisses reflect how I feel about you and your staff and what you have done for me – nothing short of giving me back my life and giving ‘Joe’ back his wife.

… one of my friends pointed out that at this time last year he thought he’d be burying me. Thank you. Each day, you and your staff save lives and make a difference



I have been on the ISM Program for the purpose of staying healthy. The team at ISM are very informed and helpful in explaining your blood results and how you can improve your blood. I have been very healthy since starting the program 2 years ago and I feel the best I have in years. The greatest benefit is the peace of mind that the ISM team will help my body remain in optimum health. I believe their program is cutting edge technology.
– Y.R. British Columbia, Oct 20, 2007



I have been on the ISM Program for over 2 years now. I have never felt better. The service at all levels is exceptional.
– J.R. British Columbia, Oct 9, 2007


I am a 64-year old professional male. I have always been in good shape and keep active by playing hockey, skiing and rollerblading. When I was diagnosed 8 years ago with CLL I was devastated. I thought my life would change. Then I heard about your services from a client who had cancer and had been enormously helped by your protocols. I signed on. The fact is that I have never felt better. The reason I want to keep anonymous is that I have not told my clients or coworkers about my condition. I do not want to be looked at “as a condition” and have people constantly asking me how I am. I thank you all at ISM Clinic and Lab for helping me keep my life as it was. Thank you Thank you.
– Anonymous, Oct 6, 2007


I learned of my Prostate Cancer In June of 2005. At first I was shocked and wondered how this could happen to me. Luckily my wife had learned of ISM from some close friends, so I figured I would at least inquire. I was apprehensive at first. All this was new to me and no doctor would even look at such a procedure. They suggested to ‘cut or burn the prostate out’. My wife and I felt there was no harm in giving ISM a try. They had me send in a sample of my blood, analyzed it and got me started. Every 4-6 months I send in a new sample and the people at ISM formulate a new batch of supplements that I take without fail everyday. My case worker keeps in touch either through e-mail or by phone to keep me abreast of my situation.

Its now October 2007 and although I felt good back 2 years ago, I feel even better now. ISM has also helped direct my personal diet, what to eat and what not to eat. Plenty of exercise along with my treatments. 2 ½ years of this has contributed to me and my system having kept my prostate cancer at bay. My work however is not done. I will keep sending in my blood and having ISM analyze it. The people at ISM and the program are very loyal and trustworthy. I can only hope more people will recognize their procedure and start funding this form of cancer treatment. Many more would be able to realize their full potential. Many thanks and continued success with the program
– M.V. Oct 2007


I was referred to your clinic by another ISM client. He was most enthusiastic about how your program had helped him. I must say, based on my association of one year, I feel the same way and now recommend the program to friends. I started the ISM program after finishing chemo. I found the basic strategy of the program made sense to me. I have found the staff members I have dealt with to be very professional in their approach and ready to assist me with any questions I might have.  I feel fine and people compliment me on how well I look since I have been on the program. It’s hard to argue against that! This program has given me a different approach to looking at life and I am so glad I was lucky enough to have it recommended to me.
– T.D. Toronto, Ontario Sept 27, 2007


My experience has been exceptional healing and positive. Service and results are first class. My health is greatly improved. The ISM program, in my opinion, will permit a fuller and longer life. Alternative therapies are essential and that of ISM is at the very top. ISM care and individuals have instilled a positive attitude in me which has contributed immensely to my well-being.
– Sept 26, 2007


I’ve been receiving the custom designed program since 2001 from ISM. I’m living with two types of cancer. Mantle cell lymphoma and colon cancer. My oncologist believes that this program has strengthened my immune system to the point that when I receive conventional methods of treatment such as chemotherapy there are less side affects and a key factor that’s keeping me in remission. He urges me to continue taking the compound and supplements.

At 56 years of age, I am very active playing soccer, biking, skiing and climbing mountains. I feel the ISM compound is keeping my energy level, clarity of mind, and overall quality of life at a premium.

The staff at ISM is very helpful and it is assuring that I can review my aminomics blood profile regularly for ongoing adjustments and peace of mind.
– G.B., Massachusetts, 2007



Best wishes to all at ISM for a happy holiday season. Enjoy a well-deserved vacation. As always, thank-you for your continued support. You have made life so much better for me and been a tremendous pillar that has helped so much my healing journey. Your expertise and commitment to my health and that of my family is sincerely appreciated. All the ISM staff should be proud of your knowledge, skills and expertise that allow so many of us to enjoy a much fuller, longer and healthier life.
– H.L. Dec 2006



Many thanks for your continuing fine work. I value what you are doing to help me with my health challenges. I continue to tell the news of your fine work to all those I come in contact with. Know that each of you and your fine work is very much appreciated.
– C.M. Dec 2006



Just a note to remind you that your work and who you are is greatly respected and appreciated.

Within 6 weeks, no one could deny the change in me. I was getting the spring back in my step and my energy was back to pre-cancer levels. For the first time in three years, I started to have some flesh on my bones.

How can I thank you for discovering what was disturbing my peace? I am so grateful for your support over these years. My symptoms are almost gone. Little things I took for granted before are so eventful now. I have been blessed. Thank-you to the ISM team for hanging in there for me.
– J. Dec 2006



I want to thank you for your kindness. I have been on your program for over 2 months and all ready I feel less pain and swelling in my joints. I can say to all my friends, with confidence, that there is an effect. I look forward to the coming months!
– D.S. Sept 2005


It has now been 6 years since my bone marrow transplant for Leukemia. You have been there all along for me. God Bless you.
– D. G-W. Dec, 1999