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The Importance of Amino Acids

"The knowledge of nutrition is the most helpful thing in the field of medicine because of the constant need for food during health as well as illness."
Maimonides, > a thousand years ago

amino acid deficiency causes


There is a great deal of scientific information on amino acid structure and biochemical functioning. However, medical professionals and health-concerned individuals are typically most interested in the amino acid function. This web site provides information on each of the 20 "primary" amino acids as well as many of the "secondary" or "minor amino acids" so that you can better understand the powerful role amino acids play in your life.

Information on amino acids is presented at three levels depending on your interest/background:

1) General Introduction to Amino Acids
Targeted to consumers/clients

2) Detailed Function of Each Amino Acid
Useful information for medical professionals and consumers alike

3) Complete Scientific and Medical Information for Each Amino Acid
Targeted towards medical professionals but an excellent resource for anybody’s specific questions. Visit “Nutraceutical Search” and search on the amino acid that you are interested in by area of interest.

4) ISM’s searchable nutraceutical research database
“Nutraview” is a portal into hundreds of abstracts from peer-reviewed literature on the positive impact that nutraceuticals have on various diseases and chronic conditions.

Why are we sometimes deficient in amino acids? >>>

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