ISM Client Testimonials

"I have been a client of ISM for many years. I find that the combination of eating well, exercising and taking this personalized program has kept me healthier, stronger and able to maintain an incredible stamina. I like the follow up review of the results and forces me to look at my daily health on a regular basis. You don’t need to have an illness to go to ISM, you just need to want to take control of your health"

− R. Reisman - 2016

"When I met a colleague from the House of Commons in Ottawa, she gave credit to ISM for her survival. I asked her for their number as I have always been interested in holistic medicine and alternative solutions. I was so impressed with their knowledge, commitment and dedication to their clients. I enrolled my wife and me in the program immediately. For 11 years since we have been with ISM, we have never been healthier! We spend many hours in planes and airports as we travel the world which is a true test to the health of your immune system! The whole team at ISM is so helpful and involved in our well being for which we would like to say thank you and we appreciate all your efforts for our continued excellent health. Your sincerely,"

− Hon. John Reynolds P.C. and Yvonne Reynolds - 2016

"I’ve been a client of ISM since 1996 almost a year after my diagnosis of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. ISM’s approach and methodology have been nothing short of stellar always providing the latest scientific approach along with a very compassionate and caring system of delivery. I do not hesitate in recommending ISM to anyone who requires complimentary and caring healthcare support. "

− Conrad Coates - 2012

"Having been a client of ISM for 12 years I am very pleased with the support received. I believe that the nutraceuticals and lifestyle counselling including diet and exercise provided by ISM has helped me maintain a balanced and overall healthy life. Initially, having been diagnosed with angina, my activities were quite restricted. Now, 12 years later with ISM’s help I have no pain or discomfort and live an active lifestyle. It is self evident that the staff at ISM is highly qualified, experienced and dedicated and operate at the leading edge of health care on the planet. With many years of documentation and research they have assembled unrivalled intellectual property on amino acids and biochemical research. They clearly are leading the field. Their clients come from all corners of the planet. I have recommended ISM to several of my friends and family."

− Bill Hennessy - 2016

"I have been on an ISM program since 2000 – at which time I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on my prostate. Within 8 months, my Doctor, confirmed that the tumour had disappeared. Several bone scans and a few MRI’s have confirmed that the cancer has not spread from my prostate. A recent test showed my PSA to be 1.1. So I am very satisfied with the service I have received from ISM."

− Bill Ryan, sj - 2016

"My 3 year old son J. was diagnosed with leukaemia in April, 2005. We were soon referred to ISM. We have been blessed in so many ways by ISM’s services. Your knowledge and clear explanations of the “inside picture” of our sons body really helped us to understand what was happening. We have learned so much from our phone sessions. Your services have been invaluable."

− Anonymous

"I have been on ISM for several years. I feel incredibly well, have excess energy and in all aspects of my life I have improved the way I live. Two of my children, one with hair loss and the other with severe acne were improved in a short period of time when on the ISM program. There is no such thing as a “cure” for what ails you, but the combination of living a healthier lifestyle and taking the ISM package will definitely give you a better chance."

− Rose Reisman - Author and wellness spokesperson - 2014

"At ISM, you are the opposite of a number. They always take the time that you need and have a genuine compassionate interest in improving your health. They have given me full support, both on a physical and mental dimension. I decided to enrol in the ISM program based on a recommendation of a friend after not feeling well for about 10 years. Since being fully committed to the ISM program for the last 6 months, I have felt notable physical improvements to my health. My energy level has increased and I sleep much better, which has allowed my body to do the healing it could not do before. I also feel less mentally jittery and stressed as my body is being given the proper customized fuels and nutrients to rebalance. I would highly recommend ISM to anybody experiencing chronic health problems."

− N.S. Ottawa, ON - 2014

"I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma eight years ago, and shortly afterwards I heard about ISM. I’ve been following their Aminomics™ program ever since, along with eating healthy organic foods, getting regular exercise, and managing my sleep and stress – and I’m happy to say that I have not needed chemo or any other medical treatment to date. I love dealing with the caring and knowledgeable people at ISM, and I’m very grateful for the difference they’ve made to my quality of life (and probably quantity of life too!)."

− C. Vincent - 2016

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